Q: Are there plans to introduce single staking?

A: YES. We have just finished introducing the migration (on the 22nd of Septemeber) and we will introduce single staking in the next couple of days!


Q: Dexscreener Link?



Q: Why does the ETHW & $POW have such high volatility

A: This chain is currently taking its early steps. When the ecosystem grows and more liquidity flows, it will become much more stable. WE ARE SO EARLY.


Q: What is the APR of the $POW token?

A: No one knows, because it is based on fees and use.


Q: What is the Max Supply of the $POW token?

A: The current circulating supply is 234M tokens. Once we migrate to our own contracts token emissions are going down by 90%.


Q: Are there plans to cap the $POW distribution, lower the emission, or add burning?

A: Yes, all of those are being discussed and proposed.


Q: Is PoWSwap the biggest DEX on ETHW by volume & liquidity?

A: Yes.

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