How to Bridge USDT to ETHW

How to BRIDGE USDT to ETHW - Step by Step (With Chainge Finance App)

Step 1. Download the Chainge app, create a new wallet, and choose a 6-digit passcode.

Step 2. Choose USDT in Assets, click on the balance->Receiving Address, choose BSC (or any chain you want to use) ->Copy address.

Step 3. Withdraw USDT from cex on BSC network, or send USDT from your Metamask wallet on BSC, using the receiving address you copied.

Step 4.Once assets arrive, click on balance->three dots at top right->Send->choose amount to send->Continue->choose Send to a blockchain address from dropdown menu->paste your Metamask address or scan your address QR code->choose ETHPoW for the chain->Pay Now->Pay Now again.

Step 5.It will ask you to send a small amount of BNB and ETHW to your receiving address for gas. Once you do that, click on I sent gas, sign with your passcode, and then the transaction will be executed.

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