How to add or remove liquidity

An exchange is a platform to buy and sell tokens, however, in order to do so, tokens are needed (otherwise known as liquidity). This liquidity has traditionally been provided and managed by controlled exchanges like Coinbase. Users of PoWSwap voluntarily contribute the liquidity. In return for granting others access to their tokens for a brief period of time, As of this moment, PoWSwap gives them a percentage of the 0.3% fee assessed to traders of the relevant token pair, equal to the amount of liquidity they contributed to the pool. This decision can be a fantastic way to increase the yields on tokens that are already resting in your wallet.

Liquidity Provider - Step By Step

Step 1. Head to and enter the app.

Step 2. Connect your wallet to PoWSwap(make sure you have some Ethereum to cover gas fees!)

Step 3. Click the Pool tab and then hit Add V2 Liquidity, which will bring you to the screen above. Then, simply select the input tokens to create your pool (please note that the two token amounts need to match each other in monetary value, e.g. POW $100 – ETHW $100)

Step 4. Approve PoWSwap to access the tokens.

Step 5. Confirm and you’re all set!

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