Token & Distribution

We are aware that many of us currently work as Uniswap pools' liquidity providers. In light of this, we have created the token distribution mechanics to make transitioning to our system as simple as possible for the current Uniswap liquidity providers!

Anyone who owns Uniswap LP tokens can stake those LP tokens into the matching initial list of pools to start supplying liquidity and earning $POW tokens. When the rewards begin, you will begin earning tokens.

The PoWSwap token will entitle to governance and protocol revenues in the future.

The token distribution mechanics are designed to make it easy for existing Uniswap liquidity providers to start migrating to the PoWSwap protocol. To start providing liquidity and earning POW tokens, anyone holding Uniswap LP tokens can stake those LP tokens into the corresponding initial list of pools. Once done, they will start earning tokens.

At every block, 100 POW tokens are created. These tokens are equally distributed to the stakers of each of the supported pools. However, for the first week (until Sep 21st), the number of POW tokens produced was 10x, resulting in 1000 POW tokens being minted per block. It existed to incentivize early farmers and adopters of the protocol. (With Success).

There is no premise or VC token distribution. The only way to mint POW is through staking LP tokens. There were no tokens distributed beforehand. However, In order to ensure the project long-term sustainability - 10% of all minted tokens will go to the dev wallet to support development expenses. sure our community can understand the necessity. as 90% Is owned by the community! :)

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